Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dr. said I needed more fiber

So I got more.

2lbs of heaven
2 pounds of it. I love my fiber and always do what the doctor tell me.
here is what I did with some other fiber I had and ran out so I had to get more.
This is Kool aid dyed.
koolaid roving
came out real pretty about 30z not a lot but I can spin it and turn it in to something small.
here what I did with another 3oz kool aid died roving I did.

plied yarn
got about 110 yards out of it.
But the biggest job of the week is the big foot socks for the 14 year old number 1 son.
big foot socks
that's a lot of knitting. but past the heel and going up the leg should be finished by the end of the week I hope as I have socks to knit for the twins.
I wonder if I will ever get to knit anything other then socks.
I spend many hours late at night knitting and listening to pod casts. Knitting and spinning podcast of course. I would love to have some embroidery ones but can't find any. Have found a couple that do quilting and sewing which I love.
Well if this looks rushed that's because it is. I want to get back to knitting I have everyone tucked up in bed and now its just me the cats and the dog. peace at last I hope.
I will knit a little while then tidy up and get to bed about 4 am as normal for me. then I will dream of the colours I will use on the 2 pounds of white roving..
I have plans for some of it as I will be getting back in to weaving by the end of the year I hope. Not a floor loom as I would like, no space but a pretty good size loom.
Why so much fiber well I been in to fiber for a long time through art school and beyond. It changed over the years but most of my art has had something to do with fiber.
OK that's about all for me other then we have 4 new kittens at the moment, cute as always, they and mum are doing great.
So until next time go play with some fiber.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spinning update

Well had to do some spinning to try out the wheel the first couple of try's were art yarn and I will say no more on that. but my 3rd try not to bad. so i am willing to show it of OK! I'm bragging. lol.

hand spun by dido
see not to bad at all for a beginner. It will get better I hope. I kind of think this is only a path to weaving as alone it can get a bit boring but to spin then weave that spun yarn now your talking fun. I could knit the yarn but knitting is only a pass time for me it do not keep me totally happy. I have to be doing more learning all the time. with knitting it's a means to an end forme. I want socks I knit socks. it's over and done with but Art and crafts is so much more then the finished item. I have plans for spinning silk for embroidery. dyeing my own yarns. Its endless as long as my mind stays open and I never just settle for one thing.
Well until next time keep doing what ever you love doing the most.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Spinning wheel

Got to keep this short but just wanted to brag a little about my new toy.
pearl the new wheel

I just got myself a kromski prelude spinning wheel it a Saxon style and my very first one. it can unfinished so I have spent days finishing it and putting it together and last night stayed up all night playing with it while very one else was fast a sleep. might not have been the best idea as i am a mess to day but we still had a good 4th. but I can't wait until I can get back to trying to learn to spin. I have made a lot of art yarn so fare well that's what I am calling it.
I still have socks on my needles and a shawl and hubby cardy. but spinning will take over just for a while.
I have also become a pod cast junkie as well Love to have something to listen to late at night I also have been getting Agatha Christi books on audio Miss maple mostly hay she was a knitter why not.
Well if get off of here I will get a chance to spin.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

what's new around here

OK I know I never keep this up to date but I get so busy, so wrapped up in other things, it's the last thing on my mind.
There has been a lot going on some good some bad so lets get the bad news out the way first. This is a tough one. My 18 month old male saint died a few weeks ago. He started having seizures last fall and we did all we could to help but over the time they got worse until they killed him. It was one of the hardest things for me to handle he was my 180 pound baby. and I still have trouble talking about him so lets move on.
Well let see what been going on around here worth telling you all. OK first the knitting socks socks and more socks. Just finished a couple of pairs and have some more on the needles.

just finished socks

mine all mine.I knitted the toe up two at a time worked up my own pattern and I get to keep them.
next Daves, had troubles with the yarn it was kettle died from knit picks never had problems before up to this ball. it sucked but he don't mind.

Daves socks

Here is what I have on the needles they are a lace pattern I worked up from a chart two at a time toe up. I can't do one at a time or I will end up with a lot of single socks.

Ok let see what else have I to show off to you well I made a knitting bag to hold my yarn for all this sock knitting I'm doing.
knitted bag

OH! must not for get my lace wrap I have on the needles right now this is fun every one said it would be hard but as long as I use markers so I can keep track of where I am at as I have to put it down a lot around here, I do just fine I have mistakes and it would have looked better on needles one size smaller but it my first and I am pretty pleased with my self.
lace wrap

then there are the fingerless gloves I made two pairs but Annie grabbed her's before I got photo's but here are mine.
fingerless gloves

OK now what OH yes my new toy I found a kit on sale and had to give it a try. A drop spindle kit that is. Everyone talks about spinning and well why not have a go my self LOL. I have had a go and I have a lot to learn by the looks of it but still it was my first try it's lumpy and looks like a pile of string but it's my own so it's ok for now.
My new toy

I will get the hang of it
Got myself some new yarn to have a go at making another lace wrap, this stiff is so pretty. it's sock wieght Lorna's lace called black purl so darn pretty.
Ok you want to see cute I have two cute photo's to show of one is my very pretty girl dressed up boy she is growing up.

Then there is my motherday gift kind off. he pretty cute to but a real pain but we can keep him. OK he is not my Winnie well Winnie was a 180 pound this guy is 3 pounds but Jack thinks he is big so does that count?
I did pretty good for mothers day this year also got a DS XL (Game boy machine) and a ipod touch but no photo's of them.
Ok that's about it on the photo's you can see more on my Flickr page if you want.
I have gone podcast crazy I love haveing them on the ipod touch and knitting away late at night when every one is fast a sleep and I get my "ME" time. I will get a list up of what ones I realy like later. a couple off the top of my head are "Never not knitting" and "quilted cupcakes" but there are lots more. plus I now can get audio books and the two I have now are both Agatha Christie novies did you know Miss maple loved to knit?
OK I got one more photo to show just so you all can see how hard life is around here.
life is hard
so until next time which knowing me that won't be to soon. I always think of doing the blog but it's so much more fun doing things then talking about them.
and we are planning on moveing so thats going to keep me busy.
so until next time take care and have fun.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well as always with me I take something start doing it and get side tracked. I'm still knitting but just got a crazy idea a few days ago while I was sorting out some craft bits and pieces. I wanted to make knitting needles. Yes I could and do buy them but why not, sounded like a fun idea.


this was the first pair. not bad but had to do some thing more. get more fancy so to speak.
rose tops they came out really nice and are a size 5mm and work great.
I love to find other things to do all the time I'm going to have a go at drop spinning so I'm going to make one. I even have ideas for glass top needles. I love the way I can do something and it leads me in to other fun ideas. Even I don't know what will pop up in my head next. So keep checking to see what crazy ideas I can come up with.
OH! I have been knitting this week I have made a second hat top down, from some stash yarns I have way to much need to use some so I can buy more. Also got a pair of socks on the go again. this time toe up and 2 at a time. this way I will have two matching socks and won't have to feeling of doom when it comes to the second sock.
using the magic loop it works out fine on a 40 inch cable size 2 needle.


I have a yarn holder I'm knitting as well and still have hubby cardi it's slow but hay I have until next winter.
I been getting a lot of yarn from Knit picks.com so I can do some color work that should be fun and if it's not fun then don't do it.
Well that's about it from me for now got kids to get to bed and needles that need using. so until next time keep smiling.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm still knitting

I have not grown totally bored with it yet which is quite a surprise to me. but have side tracked a bit just a little. If I am going to knit then I have to have the right bag so I dug the sewing machine out and made myself a knitting bag and trying to finish of a needle holder as well. and now want to do more sewing as well.

knitting bag

needle case.
I made my Annie a hat couldn't find a patten I liked so made my own as I am happier doing any way not a great lover of other peoples patterns.
Annie hat

Annie's socks
finished her sock's
and started on and finished a pair for my oldest.
here a shot of when I was working on them but he wanted them on so fast yesterday as we had snow again (Yes this is the south and it was the first day of spring)I never got a shot of the finished socks.
Zach socks
What I have still on my needles is Dave's cardigan it slow as the body is done in one piece but I'm getting there.

grandpa cardie
I also have a hat for my self and a pair and a half of socks on the go I have had a go at toe up sock's which one I got started I found to be so much easier then I had to have a go at two at a time toe up. and I am pretty pleased with my self. I don't have photo's at the moment but will take some once I get chance.
Life has not all been knitting and sewing there has been a lot of ups and Downs around here as well. the worst of it is My Winnie the male saint I have He has had more fits and the last lot took his eye sight so it been really tough going. trying to help a 180 pound dog to get around with out hurting himself or anything else is not the easiest thing in the world to do. he bangs in to everything. but each day it seams he is getting use to life with out sight. he eats and drinks fine and loves to wonder around the back yard but mostly he still just lays by the dinning table and sleeps. it sad to see him like that and not knowing how he is really feeling I wonder sometimes if we are doing the right thing keeping him a life. but we all love him so very much we just can't see life with out our Win, not now anyway. So we take it one day at a time and give him all the love and hugs we can and make sure he gets everything he needs. So now I really have my handsful with him and Chrissie it's become a lot of loving but hard work. My other two kids are the best they help as much as they can and would do even more if I asked but this is not for them to handle it up to me.
Well on a happier note we had sunshine to day after yesterday's rude arrival of snow on the first day of spring and all. This is I believe south of the Mississippi so why so much snow this year I don't know. The first lot was fun the kids loved it but this time when I woke them to tell them it was a OH! not again.
I kind of don't mind as I know before long it will be so hot that we will be missing the winter we just had. the knitting will go away and out will come the sewing again. We are hoping for a nice Easter Sunday as we want to grill out doors. just about had all we can take of the winter meals. they were great but we long for grilled food and salad's well that's if we can afford it this year the prices are not to my liking at this time. I been taking a long hard look at my food shopping and the cost has gone on the wrong side of good. everything has gotten so pricey and what is it with smaller box's of things at the same price.
Well that's about it for my rambling on for this week. I have a lot to do and not a lot of time so until I can get my self back here again it's bye for now.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Still knitting

So made a blankie for my son Chrissie took 5 day's and some of them was sleepless nights. he had totaled his blankie that he had since birth and so I had to do a rush job and it came out pretty good I used a baby self patterning yarn. first time for me and it came out looking pretty good. Pattern was were it was meant to be.
Chrissie blankie

I'm now working on a couple of other things. A scarf for my Annie, she has this one in mind and I am trying to copy her idea, she wants a scarf with pockets at the end so I think I have an idea of what I need to do and hope it turns out Ok.

Annie scarf1

I also am making a bag, a knitting bag but that's under wraps right now your get to see that later.
I am having fun doing all this, I don't use patterns. For one thing I get lost, I think Knitting patterns are made by knitters that don't want any outsider know how easy knitting really is. Plus I love to design my own work. I have never been able to work kits or patterns with any thing it just don't feel right to me. It's like coping to me. If your going to do needle art of any kind it should always be your own work. I have just got a book and love it. It's the Vogue Knitting - The ultimate knitting book. and it has everything in that one book I need to do my own work. It shows me every thing from casting on to sizing, the lot. It is full of stitch's many I know but a lot I have never tried yet. There is only, I believe 3 patterns in the back, this is not a book for someone that is just looking for patterns to copy it's a real how to book. I had looked at this book on other sites but ended up getting it at Amazon as always with books it was SO much cheaper. and free shipping. I have some more yarns coming in this week and needles. that should do me for a while. OK I know I will find something else I want next week but that's how it goes with me.
Well I have spent a lot of time between knitting and some how Embroidery to surf the net for other knitters and have found some very nice helpful people. notice I say people as yes there are men out there that's knitting away. I love to here how they find they enjoy it as much as any one. But I have come across a group of people that I have to say I don't think much off. and they are to me yarn snobs. I have worked with many different kinds of yarns in my life from the top lines of wool and silks ect. but have also worked with many things from acrylic to plastics. and find it not what you uses it how you use them that counts. A drop stitch in your knitting is still a dropped stitch weather it's in 100% wool or 100% acyclic. Same goes for needle work if it looks bad it not the yarn or thread you use but you own mistakes. OH! I know many will differ with me but I have made many mistakes in all kind or things. I find using the right thing for the right job is important. but it's knowing what is the right thing in the first place and if you do not try out many options how will you ever know.
Well as much as I love this PC I want to get off of here and do something real in my life.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


OH! Yes. I have now got the knitting bug and at this time there is no cure. A couple of weeks ago I found a half finished throw rug (lap blanket) and a almost finished scarf I had started so long ago. and thought well might as well finish it as it was cold here at the time and I could use them both so got them finished thinking I would put the needles back away. but never happened next Chrissie needed his blanket replaced really bad and was not happy that his old one had to go to blanket heaven. So I started and all most finished it. should have it done buy this weekend. Which will be great as Chrissie is not sleeping to good with out one right now which means I am not getting much sleep as well.
but while doing this I have started on a cable scarf for Annie and of course I will need to add a hat and gloves with that. Also I can't leave the big guys out so I have to make them hats scarfs and gloves and Chrissie should have them to, and what about me I want a set. then I go yarn shopping and off course I wants some new needles and patterns. hay a new knitting book would be nice.
OK start looking at the knitting patterns finds there are thousands out there FREE. so just have to pick out one or two OK! OK! a couple of hundred. But they were free. so I have the free knitting patterns needles and not any old needles I have started using circular needles. Love them no more standard needles for Dido any more. they are light weight and I don't have them pocking out at the sides it's nice. Found this Knit pick.com site and they just had to have a chat area. that was it no holding me back. So I have picked up so much knitting that it looks like I will be knitting for years I hope.
I have not by fare given up my Embroidery just taking a break and going to set aside time to keep doing that as well. I have almost finish a new piece so can't forget that. but with knitting I can home school and knit at the same time. don't take a lot of thinking now does it (the knitting part I mean) well not for me any way.
So like I said I have two completed knits right now want to see?
Hear is the blanet.
Blanket finished
Here is the scarf so soft.
scarf finished

Here is the embroidery I am working on as well.
and I just had to play around to see if I could still crochet.
So this is what I been up to and there is me thinking I was going to have time to blog this year ok! will try. but until the next time thats about it for me.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thinking about decorating

I just been looking at some cottage decorating blogs came across one which looked to me like a second hand reject store. I'm sorry but cottage style decorating does not have to mean you fill your home with every piece of rusting beaten up thing that hits the street. I really like cottage and country style homes they feel warm and welcoming but some people just over do the rustic charm. I love a pink rose as much as the next But less is best so to speak. You should be able to relax and feel at home. Well that my opinion I know it is not what most would like to hear but we all have different ideas and that's the best thing about the world we are all different.
I been looking at my own decorating style as well and I am finding my love of dark wood furniture is darken my home way to much I need to lighten and brighten things up. not not by painting any thing white but adding brighter fabrics like cushions and drapes I don't get the sun I would like coming in to the main living area which at this time of the year can make for a very dull day even with the lights all on. I will have be careful on how I go about this as having 4 dogs and 2 cats wandering around it can make for a mess that really light fabrics would not handle. I want to bring my Embroidery in to the scheme of things as well but I don't want to over do any one thing. My love of decorated box's have all most taken over to were I have had to pull back a bit. Well this is just some of my rambling and It might help me to think out loud so to speak.

Happy New Year

Well the New Year is here. Going to be great I know it will. OK I'm dreaming again this year properly will be much the same as last. But we can always hope. We will have the ups and down just like always. Not knowing what lays around the corner is part of life. It would be very boring it it was always the same. I have lots of plans and many projects in mind for this year but will I get to all of them? I don't expect so I don't work that fast. But I will get some of them done. Some things are decorating, like the boys bedroom that's a must. it drives me crazy to even go in there. But I'm not looking forward to even starting on it as the first thing is to get it cleaned out. the stuff they keep under their beds will take some work, then it's getting to the walls to paint them. We have wood flooring to lay in there. Now Chris is potty trained we can do it. I have many ideas for their room but it has to be user friendly for both of the boys and easy for them to keep clean. Did I just say for them to keep it clean? that will make a change.
I want to do so many craft and Art things this year I just don't know were to start first. I want to start and finish things for a change so I need to be sure what I do will end up completed. OH! we have a big project this spring it is not easy or the kind of thing I like doing and that is the back yard. Well what used to be the back yard until the Saint's turned it in to their world of mud. which half ends up in the house. I have come up with splitting the yard up some areas for us some for them let them have a place to have fun with out destroying the whole thing. I want to fence of a area for them. OK I could just put up a chain fence and call it a day. But that not me I always have the big ideas that cost money and is way more work then we want. But it will look nice if I can pull it off. The hard work is one thing but the cost well I think it will have to be done in parts. Get the dogs area done then come up with the money to put in a patio area and some grass, yes we have none left. but we have all the mud we need. Right now it's just all in my head were it will stay until it warms up a bit. Even down south it does get cold! I take a lot of heat about complaining about the cold in the winter down here, but if you live in a area that gets very hot in the summer you feel the cold when it comes. We been warned there may be snow next week the kids will love that but I don't expect it to come to much.
Well time to get to bed I still have a rotten head cold which drives me crazy, My eyes waters, my nose runs and my head hurts but hay just a cold it will go when it ready. I'm not like some, run of to bed at the first sign of an illness I have kids to look after, pets to care for and even if I didn't I never been one to whine about things like that.
Anyway hope everyone that stops by has a wonderful new year. Be back when I have something to say.
Ok And hope you all like the new back ground I worked my butt off doing it and the header. OK it wasn't that hard. But no one pinch it please I'm tired of seeing my stuff turning up on other peoples blogs if you want one ask I will make one just for you.
Oh and I would love to get a Hi from you all let me know what on your mind.
Keep smiling it may never happen.