Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well as always with me I take something start doing it and get side tracked. I'm still knitting but just got a crazy idea a few days ago while I was sorting out some craft bits and pieces. I wanted to make knitting needles. Yes I could and do buy them but why not, sounded like a fun idea.


this was the first pair. not bad but had to do some thing more. get more fancy so to speak.
rose tops they came out really nice and are a size 5mm and work great.
I love to find other things to do all the time I'm going to have a go at drop spinning so I'm going to make one. I even have ideas for glass top needles. I love the way I can do something and it leads me in to other fun ideas. Even I don't know what will pop up in my head next. So keep checking to see what crazy ideas I can come up with.
OH! I have been knitting this week I have made a second hat top down, from some stash yarns I have way to much need to use some so I can buy more. Also got a pair of socks on the go again. this time toe up and 2 at a time. this way I will have two matching socks and won't have to feeling of doom when it comes to the second sock.
using the magic loop it works out fine on a 40 inch cable size 2 needle.


I have a yarn holder I'm knitting as well and still have hubby cardi it's slow but hay I have until next winter.
I been getting a lot of yarn from Knit picks.com so I can do some color work that should be fun and if it's not fun then don't do it.
Well that's about it from me for now got kids to get to bed and needles that need using. so until next time keep smiling.

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Cat Cole said...

Those needles are beautiful!
Thanks for commenting on my blog! :)