Friday, February 18, 2011

photos of work at last.

Well I made it on the lappy tonight so I thought I had better get the photo's of the camera and uploaded for a change.
first of here is my first finished shawl. It was a long time in the making not because of the knitting because of finding some place to block it but in the end I got smart and used the bed base that been sitting on its end in the garage for the past year. Now you would have thought I would have come up with this idea a long time ago but no, I think I have had brain freeze. Any way it's done now and I'm pleased with the out come.
(Model is Annie)
my shawlette

Here is Annie's shawl I made for her, couldn't find a pattern I wanted to use, Oh there is a lot out there but hay I like to do things the hard way, and this is such an easy stitch anyone could have come up with it.
annies shawl01

I have other things finished but no photo's. I know bad Dido I will remember next time ok.
So on to the knitting on the needles, first the old mans cardy. yes I'm still working on it. long job longer story. but I have the body almost done.
dave sweater update

ok now there is another shawl for Annie on the kneedles, this one is from the new knitpicks Chroma yarn in fingering weight and the colorway is lollipop. real pretty colors for a girl like my Annie and soft but there is just something I don't like about the yarn not sure what it is so I'm not going to say much, but something that will stop me from getting more. I did get another one in Prism/ fingering and one lollipop in the heaver weight but not sure if I will use them. we will see I don't like waste so they will get used some time I'm sure.
annie shawl02

Ok now this next photo is of my new shawl by the lady Romi and it the bitter root shawl. the yarn is my own dyed yarn it was one of them "what ever" moments. I had just finished dyeing other stuff and some dyes left over so I got the ball of yarn and gave it the "what ever" treament and boy did it ever work, I love the colours. It looks all odd right now anyone that makes shawls knows that when they are on the needles they are not at their best it when they are blocked they come alive, we hope.

OK now this is not much to look at. It's the start to Zachs new sweater. I only just cast on so it's just the rib and I am about to set up the pattern "Honey comb and cables" sounds fun don't it?
zachs sweater
Ok lets see thats about it I think, just one photo of some spinning just for the heck of it.
spindle spinning

Oh and for the ones that wonder Yes the wheel is still used My girl will use it when she is in the mood or I use it to ply sometimes but sorry my butt just won't sit still that long to use it much but every single spindle is used a LOT. did you know it is a good way to keep fit.

OK I think I have run out of photo's and time. so that's about it from me. Boy have I been a good little blogger laterly. No don't get your hopes up I will drop of the wagon soon and forget to post. hay spring is on it's way that's the time I drive everyone in the house crazy with spring "to-do list" got to because by the time the summer gets here it's to darn hot to do anything.
Well pick up your craft of choice and get on with it and have fun, Life is to short to put it off until you have time, find time your be glad you did.
Keep smilling

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spindle spinning

Ok a short but sweet post. Just wanted to talk about the spindle, the drop spindle that is. Been kind of trying to not up set the wheelie people out there but just have to say something. Yes a spinning wheel is wounderful, I own one but a drop spindle in the hand is worth two spinning wheel in a closet. A spinning wheel is only faster then a spindle if you have time to sit in one spot to use it. I don't and just can't see wasting time I don't have anyway, sitting in one place when my spindle go every place I do. I can do a lot in a day or more because I can walk around doing it I take it places that no wheel could go. There are some, ok let's call them wheel snobs. They have never even tried the spindle. Don't knock it until you try it folks. It's a bit like some other things that bug me, like quilters that say they hand quilt but on a machine????? Or the hand embroidery with a electric sewing machine. Oh! Please let's get real here. Machines a good but please don't call it hand work. I have spent many years doing needle crafts/art by hand and when I see people selling something that is machine made and calling it hand made just ticks me off. Oh! I know this will upset some, but call it what it is machine made.
Ok I will now get of my soap box I have had my say. Anyone feels the need to get upset with me please email me, your find me at most places I hang out as didomum.
Keep smiling

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To much on the needles

Well got more yarn in today from knit picks. This time it was a whole load of DK merino to make big one a sweater. Now I should have put the yarn to the side and finished at less one thing I was already doing but not me. I had to get it started. And have the back rib done.
So now I have two shawls, two pairs of socks and two sweaters on the go. Oh! Hang on forgot something. The yucky green shawl. I love the yarn and the pattern but oh dear the yarn colour is gross. But never fear I will finish the shawl and over dye it a pretty black and gray.
I done just a small amount of sewing but some and it felt good to get back to it. Embroidery it some thing I dearly love but need alone time to do my best, and at the moment I don't get a lot of that. But the sun is shining a lot at the moment and that means I have the need to spend time out side its been low 70's and feels so good. We even grilled out side well I did. Odd how I have ended up doing the grilling after all the talk about the old guy doing all this great out door grilling.
Looks like our move is off again for now. I'm kind of glad it just didn't feel right. When its right we will move and will be happy about it, but until then we will be happy to stay put. Plus I can have a garden this year.
Well no photos this time but skill put up some soon of the finished items which two a shawlettes and a couple of other small items. Plus I get some of what I have on the needles. Right now I'm off the watch some video cast. One is the knit girllls, and the twisted stitches now that lady has me blushing lol.
So until next time keep smiling and if your still in cold areas keep you wooly vest on.