Friday, October 23, 2009

Embroidery part 2

Well I haven't finished the project but it moving along I have finished the sides and only have the large poppy in the center to finish now.
project 23 oct 09

It's not coming along to bad. I have had my moments with it. couple of hairy moments but over all it OK. It is no meant to be a carbon copy of Trish Burr's I wanted to put my ideas in to it as well.
Here are a of close ups of each side.
project 3 23 oct 09

project 2 oct 23 09
Sorry the photo's are not the best but we have been a bit rushed around here today. Zman got himself a new laptop with Windows7 on it and I have been helping him set it up must say I like the new Windows 7 I could blog from the desk top so I want 7 for my PC as well.
So back to the Embroidery. I hope to get this finished this week and then I want to turn the whole thing in to a cushion for my bed with a leather back should look pretty good.