Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spinning update

Well had to do some spinning to try out the wheel the first couple of try's were art yarn and I will say no more on that. but my 3rd try not to bad. so i am willing to show it of OK! I'm bragging. lol.

hand spun by dido
see not to bad at all for a beginner. It will get better I hope. I kind of think this is only a path to weaving as alone it can get a bit boring but to spin then weave that spun yarn now your talking fun. I could knit the yarn but knitting is only a pass time for me it do not keep me totally happy. I have to be doing more learning all the time. with knitting it's a means to an end forme. I want socks I knit socks. it's over and done with but Art and crafts is so much more then the finished item. I have plans for spinning silk for embroidery. dyeing my own yarns. Its endless as long as my mind stays open and I never just settle for one thing.
Well until next time keep doing what ever you love doing the most.

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