Thursday, October 16, 2008

190lbs weight loss

OK here Is what I am to day looking and feeling a lot better.

Here is what I used to look like before. It's hard for me to look at the old me I don't really remember how bad I looked but I sure do remember how I felt in the before I was hiding a walking stick behind my back couldn't walk much with out one.

Well It took 18 months but I did some thing many said I could never do I went from 318 lbs down to 128lbs. How do I feel? Thin, healthier, not bad for an old gal like me.
But here is the hard part keeping it off for live. I have to remember that I may look thin but there is and will aways be a fat person inside of me trying to get out. If I ever let the fat one take back control I will fail.
How Did I loss so much? I learned to cook healthy foods that the whole family could and would eat. learned there is more to life then the frying pan. there was one other little trick I did that was to get square plates (You know you can't put as much food on them then round ones?)
I learned I love steamed veggies and so does the kids which was lucky for them lol we eat them a lot and Chicken, fish and Pork has became our main meats. I still eat steak but its smaller and not so often. Pasta is a big part of our life I make sauces from scratch which means I know what is going in to it and what is not.
We still have our little treats, OK! I still have to have a cookie, but one, not the whole packet.

Losing this much weight or just a couple of pounds is never easy. It took me a long time just to get started, Once I did, there was times I wanted to give up. Times when the weight just would not move no matter what I did, but I kept going. This it was all about my health I walked with a stick i had to stop to get my breath my legs and back hurt from all the weight. I have 3 wonderful kids that I needed to hang around for so it was something I had to do. And hay the new cloths I had to buy was not so bad as well lol.

Ok I should have done this in the first place but wasn't sure I could do it but I been asked for a before and after photo. so here goes.