Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dr. said I needed more fiber

So I got more.

2lbs of heaven
2 pounds of it. I love my fiber and always do what the doctor tell me.
here is what I did with some other fiber I had and ran out so I had to get more.
This is Kool aid dyed.
koolaid roving
came out real pretty about 30z not a lot but I can spin it and turn it in to something small.
here what I did with another 3oz kool aid died roving I did.

plied yarn
got about 110 yards out of it.
But the biggest job of the week is the big foot socks for the 14 year old number 1 son.
big foot socks
that's a lot of knitting. but past the heel and going up the leg should be finished by the end of the week I hope as I have socks to knit for the twins.
I wonder if I will ever get to knit anything other then socks.
I spend many hours late at night knitting and listening to pod casts. Knitting and spinning podcast of course. I would love to have some embroidery ones but can't find any. Have found a couple that do quilting and sewing which I love.
Well if this looks rushed that's because it is. I want to get back to knitting I have everyone tucked up in bed and now its just me the cats and the dog. peace at last I hope.
I will knit a little while then tidy up and get to bed about 4 am as normal for me. then I will dream of the colours I will use on the 2 pounds of white roving..
I have plans for some of it as I will be getting back in to weaving by the end of the year I hope. Not a floor loom as I would like, no space but a pretty good size loom.
Why so much fiber well I been in to fiber for a long time through art school and beyond. It changed over the years but most of my art has had something to do with fiber.
OK that's about all for me other then we have 4 new kittens at the moment, cute as always, they and mum are doing great.
So until next time go play with some fiber.

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