Tuesday, June 1, 2010

what's new around here

OK I know I never keep this up to date but I get so busy, so wrapped up in other things, it's the last thing on my mind.
There has been a lot going on some good some bad so lets get the bad news out the way first. This is a tough one. My 18 month old male saint died a few weeks ago. He started having seizures last fall and we did all we could to help but over the time they got worse until they killed him. It was one of the hardest things for me to handle he was my 180 pound baby. and I still have trouble talking about him so lets move on.
Well let see what been going on around here worth telling you all. OK first the knitting socks socks and more socks. Just finished a couple of pairs and have some more on the needles.

just finished socks

mine all mine.I knitted the toe up two at a time worked up my own pattern and I get to keep them.
next Daves, had troubles with the yarn it was kettle died from knit picks never had problems before up to this ball. it sucked but he don't mind.

Daves socks

Here is what I have on the needles they are a lace pattern I worked up from a chart two at a time toe up. I can't do one at a time or I will end up with a lot of single socks.

Ok let see what else have I to show off to you well I made a knitting bag to hold my yarn for all this sock knitting I'm doing.
knitted bag

OH! must not for get my lace wrap I have on the needles right now this is fun every one said it would be hard but as long as I use markers so I can keep track of where I am at as I have to put it down a lot around here, I do just fine I have mistakes and it would have looked better on needles one size smaller but it my first and I am pretty pleased with my self.
lace wrap

then there are the fingerless gloves I made two pairs but Annie grabbed her's before I got photo's but here are mine.
fingerless gloves

OK now what OH yes my new toy I found a kit on sale and had to give it a try. A drop spindle kit that is. Everyone talks about spinning and well why not have a go my self LOL. I have had a go and I have a lot to learn by the looks of it but still it was my first try it's lumpy and looks like a pile of string but it's my own so it's ok for now.
My new toy

I will get the hang of it
Got myself some new yarn to have a go at making another lace wrap, this stiff is so pretty. it's sock wieght Lorna's lace called black purl so darn pretty.
Ok you want to see cute I have two cute photo's to show of one is my very pretty girl dressed up boy she is growing up.

Then there is my motherday gift kind off. he pretty cute to but a real pain but we can keep him. OK he is not my Winnie well Winnie was a 180 pound this guy is 3 pounds but Jack thinks he is big so does that count?
I did pretty good for mothers day this year also got a DS XL (Game boy machine) and a ipod touch but no photo's of them.
Ok that's about it on the photo's you can see more on my Flickr page if you want.
I have gone podcast crazy I love haveing them on the ipod touch and knitting away late at night when every one is fast a sleep and I get my "ME" time. I will get a list up of what ones I realy like later. a couple off the top of my head are "Never not knitting" and "quilted cupcakes" but there are lots more. plus I now can get audio books and the two I have now are both Agatha Christie novies did you know Miss maple loved to knit?
OK I got one more photo to show just so you all can see how hard life is around here.
life is hard
so until next time which knowing me that won't be to soon. I always think of doing the blog but it's so much more fun doing things then talking about them.
and we are planning on moveing so thats going to keep me busy.
so until next time take care and have fun.

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