Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring has arrived

Well for us lucky people down south spring has arrived. So I had to have a little bit in doors.

I love to have something flowering on the table every spring. Kind of a wakeup from winter.
A close up photo the scent it wonderful but can't share that part sorry about that going to have to keep it all to myself.

And I have even been knitting on the big boys sweater, which he will get this winter he hopes.

With spring in the air my knitting and other things will get side lined for a bit. Time for spring cleaning fun. Ok it's not fun but my mind says do it and even if my body don't like the idea I can't help it. We got a good start out side but not a whole lot done in side yet. No real mayor plans this year. Don't even think I feel like breaking out a paint brush not yet anyway. There is the boys room needs work really bad and I need to find a plumber to work on the kids shower. The old guy said he would stop the leaking tap, oh he did that all right now we can't turn it on at all because he broke the handle. Men are so smart, I think not. But anyway I will find some really cool young sexy plumb to fix it. Ok I will end up with an old fat guy with a butt crack problem that will over charge me but I hope I will get it fixed.
Well this was just a shorty so off I go Didos work is never done. Well really I have video pod cast to watch, much more fun.
Keep smiling

Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't call me a knitter

I know some one that knits normally gets called a knitter. But why do we feel the need to label people? I knit yes but I do so much more. Not always great but I will put my hand and anything that I feel might be a challenge or just plan fun. It just seems wrong to me the way people see someone doing something and automatically labels that person. I scratch my butt as well but bet you would not label me a butt scratcher or would you?
Why have I brought this up well over the weekend I had someone call me a knitter just because I was looking to buy yarn. But hang on yarn can be used for so much more then knitting, right. Well I use it for many things. Lace weight yarns are great for needle work even some headset weights are great to use in needle projects.
Right now I'm spinning bamboo fiber to use in a needle project. I spinning up a lot of white then I will dye small amount in many different shades to use in on project this way I will get the shades I want. Now sewing with bamboo is a new thing to me (that's why I'm doing it) I have no real idea how it will lay or if the finished thing will have the look and feel I want, but that's what all my work is about trying things I have not done before. I love working out side the box, the feeling of the unknown is a big pull for me. This is not like living on the edge, like skydiving or bungie jumping but it as close as I will ever get. Hay I'm odd not stupid.
And just found out how to get photos straight on to this little old iPad so the photos should come more often :)
So here is a test.