Friday, May 8, 2009

late night hours

Well here it is late at night as always just me and this laptop of mine. I sit here many night just trying to find things to do, Just in the hope of not going totally crazy. I have just received a parcel full of new unfinished boxes ready for me to get stuck in and create some thing new. But first it will take a little thinking through. My bird house just about ready to hang and my coaster box about ready for use. I now have many more things to work on. Why do I do this? Well it's not being able to sleep at night that does it to me. With the kids in bed and hubby has gone of to bed as well just leaves me here on my own with the Saints snoring away at my feet. I will get to bed around 4 or 5 am as always in the hopes of getting a little sleep before the new day come to our house hold, Which always starts way to early and way to loud for my liking. It's kind of nice no one is talking, no one is asking me to do something. But I get kind of lonely as well I am glad I have to two big daft dogs under foot now. My small dogs, they go off to sleep with hubby each night but the Saints, well they stay at my side. I wonder how long this will last this time how many nights I will sit hear on my own unable to sleep. It happens every so often. Then before I know it, all I will want to do is sleep. But that can be weeks or months down the road. I know many would say take a pill but I can't do that. I have never believed in taking pills to sleep what if one of my kids needed me. No I will wait until my body tells me it time to sleep.
I am on line to look for ideas but don't seem to find what I am looking for tonight. googling is not finding what I want. I have an idea running around in my head of what I want to do but can I pull it off. Getting started on a new project is always the hard part for me. I love to work with my hands make something new out of things. I like to see how fare I can go. I will never claim to be an artist no matter what training I have had in the past but my arts and crafts are very much part of me. They are for the most who I am. Some of my work may never been seen out side of my home for I am never totally happy with the final out come. But I will always do something. I love trying out new ideas. Some work others I give up on.
My mind as well is on the out doors. Spring is here and I want to get working in the garden. This year more then ever I want to have flowers around. Every year I start of buying flowers for inside as well as out but for some reason this year I want to do more. I want that pretty garden full of colour. I will give it my best shot but Gardener I am not. I will put my hands in to the soil and work away at planting all the wonderful plants my dear hubby brings home but sorry to say many of them will not make it past the hot summer we always get down south.
Well time for me to get back to looking for that one idea that will get me going on the next project.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This is my hybrid, part decoupage part painting. I wanted a basket weave so I painted it I wanted branch's and leave but was not happy about spending the time cutting out such small things so I painted them as well this is a coaster box.
0141Didos crafts

My English country garden
0065Didos crafts

some boxs I had done some time ago.

This is my south western pot just for the catus plants my kids got for me. I had painted a rattle snake but he is hiding under the rock.

Well I have take a big step in getting back in to the love of crafts It's been a long time since I have pull out my stuff but for some reason I wanted to start working with my hands and mind again that and the fact I am not sleeping at night to well right now that is.
I starting off painting pots for my flowers and seed I had to have a south western scene for the catus garden. I also did one with a English cottage scene. I already had some box's I had painted before and for some reason I love box's of all shapes and sizes so I have done some more. some of the work I have here is still being worked on and some are finished Items. I want to have a go at as many different crafts as I can just to see what I can do and if I like them. there are so many different things to do it should keep me going for some time.

I love to paint and I have found Decoupage a fun thing to do so I have come up with what I like to think of as my Hybrid craft. I love to use a combination of the two and why not. I use decoupage and paint in the same item and it not turning out to bad.
Well I am going to spend the rest of the night cutting out birds and flower I have a lot i want to do at less it keeps me out of trouble.