Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spinning update

Well had to do some spinning to try out the wheel the first couple of try's were art yarn and I will say no more on that. but my 3rd try not to bad. so i am willing to show it of OK! I'm bragging. lol.

hand spun by dido
see not to bad at all for a beginner. It will get better I hope. I kind of think this is only a path to weaving as alone it can get a bit boring but to spin then weave that spun yarn now your talking fun. I could knit the yarn but knitting is only a pass time for me it do not keep me totally happy. I have to be doing more learning all the time. with knitting it's a means to an end forme. I want socks I knit socks. it's over and done with but Art and crafts is so much more then the finished item. I have plans for spinning silk for embroidery. dyeing my own yarns. Its endless as long as my mind stays open and I never just settle for one thing.
Well until next time keep doing what ever you love doing the most.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Spinning wheel

Got to keep this short but just wanted to brag a little about my new toy.
pearl the new wheel

I just got myself a kromski prelude spinning wheel it a Saxon style and my very first one. it can unfinished so I have spent days finishing it and putting it together and last night stayed up all night playing with it while very one else was fast a sleep. might not have been the best idea as i am a mess to day but we still had a good 4th. but I can't wait until I can get back to trying to learn to spin. I have made a lot of art yarn so fare well that's what I am calling it.
I still have socks on my needles and a shawl and hubby cardy. but spinning will take over just for a while.
I have also become a pod cast junkie as well Love to have something to listen to late at night I also have been getting Agatha Christi books on audio Miss maple mostly hay she was a knitter why not.
Well if get off of here I will get a chance to spin.