Sunday, January 31, 2010

Still knitting

So made a blankie for my son Chrissie took 5 day's and some of them was sleepless nights. he had totaled his blankie that he had since birth and so I had to do a rush job and it came out pretty good I used a baby self patterning yarn. first time for me and it came out looking pretty good. Pattern was were it was meant to be.
Chrissie blankie

I'm now working on a couple of other things. A scarf for my Annie, she has this one in mind and I am trying to copy her idea, she wants a scarf with pockets at the end so I think I have an idea of what I need to do and hope it turns out Ok.

Annie scarf1

I also am making a bag, a knitting bag but that's under wraps right now your get to see that later.
I am having fun doing all this, I don't use patterns. For one thing I get lost, I think Knitting patterns are made by knitters that don't want any outsider know how easy knitting really is. Plus I love to design my own work. I have never been able to work kits or patterns with any thing it just don't feel right to me. It's like coping to me. If your going to do needle art of any kind it should always be your own work. I have just got a book and love it. It's the Vogue Knitting - The ultimate knitting book. and it has everything in that one book I need to do my own work. It shows me every thing from casting on to sizing, the lot. It is full of stitch's many I know but a lot I have never tried yet. There is only, I believe 3 patterns in the back, this is not a book for someone that is just looking for patterns to copy it's a real how to book. I had looked at this book on other sites but ended up getting it at Amazon as always with books it was SO much cheaper. and free shipping. I have some more yarns coming in this week and needles. that should do me for a while. OK I know I will find something else I want next week but that's how it goes with me.
Well I have spent a lot of time between knitting and some how Embroidery to surf the net for other knitters and have found some very nice helpful people. notice I say people as yes there are men out there that's knitting away. I love to here how they find they enjoy it as much as any one. But I have come across a group of people that I have to say I don't think much off. and they are to me yarn snobs. I have worked with many different kinds of yarns in my life from the top lines of wool and silks ect. but have also worked with many things from acrylic to plastics. and find it not what you uses it how you use them that counts. A drop stitch in your knitting is still a dropped stitch weather it's in 100% wool or 100% acyclic. Same goes for needle work if it looks bad it not the yarn or thread you use but you own mistakes. OH! I know many will differ with me but I have made many mistakes in all kind or things. I find using the right thing for the right job is important. but it's knowing what is the right thing in the first place and if you do not try out many options how will you ever know.
Well as much as I love this PC I want to get off of here and do something real in my life.

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Zman said...

Awesome work mom
I really love your knitting work lol
BTW sorry about not posting any comments in the past few weeks... idk why i never posted anything...