Sunday, July 4, 2010

Spinning wheel

Got to keep this short but just wanted to brag a little about my new toy.
pearl the new wheel

I just got myself a kromski prelude spinning wheel it a Saxon style and my very first one. it can unfinished so I have spent days finishing it and putting it together and last night stayed up all night playing with it while very one else was fast a sleep. might not have been the best idea as i am a mess to day but we still had a good 4th. but I can't wait until I can get back to trying to learn to spin. I have made a lot of art yarn so fare well that's what I am calling it.
I still have socks on my needles and a shawl and hubby cardy. but spinning will take over just for a while.
I have also become a pod cast junkie as well Love to have something to listen to late at night I also have been getting Agatha Christi books on audio Miss maple mostly hay she was a knitter why not.
Well if get off of here I will get a chance to spin.

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