Tuesday, January 26, 2010


OH! Yes. I have now got the knitting bug and at this time there is no cure. A couple of weeks ago I found a half finished throw rug (lap blanket) and a almost finished scarf I had started so long ago. and thought well might as well finish it as it was cold here at the time and I could use them both so got them finished thinking I would put the needles back away. but never happened next Chrissie needed his blanket replaced really bad and was not happy that his old one had to go to blanket heaven. So I started and all most finished it. should have it done buy this weekend. Which will be great as Chrissie is not sleeping to good with out one right now which means I am not getting much sleep as well.
but while doing this I have started on a cable scarf for Annie and of course I will need to add a hat and gloves with that. Also I can't leave the big guys out so I have to make them hats scarfs and gloves and Chrissie should have them to, and what about me I want a set. then I go yarn shopping and off course I wants some new needles and patterns. hay a new knitting book would be nice.
OK start looking at the knitting patterns finds there are thousands out there FREE. so just have to pick out one or two OK! OK! a couple of hundred. But they were free. so I have the free knitting patterns needles and not any old needles I have started using circular needles. Love them no more standard needles for Dido any more. they are light weight and I don't have them pocking out at the sides it's nice. Found this Knit pick.com site and they just had to have a chat area. that was it no holding me back. So I have picked up so much knitting that it looks like I will be knitting for years I hope.
I have not by fare given up my Embroidery just taking a break and going to set aside time to keep doing that as well. I have almost finish a new piece so can't forget that. but with knitting I can home school and knit at the same time. don't take a lot of thinking now does it (the knitting part I mean) well not for me any way.
So like I said I have two completed knits right now want to see?
Hear is the blanet.
Blanket finished
Here is the scarf so soft.
scarf finished

Here is the embroidery I am working on as well.
and I just had to play around to see if I could still crochet.
So this is what I been up to and there is me thinking I was going to have time to blog this year ok! will try. but until the next time thats about it for me.

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