Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thinking about decorating

I just been looking at some cottage decorating blogs came across one which looked to me like a second hand reject store. I'm sorry but cottage style decorating does not have to mean you fill your home with every piece of rusting beaten up thing that hits the street. I really like cottage and country style homes they feel warm and welcoming but some people just over do the rustic charm. I love a pink rose as much as the next But less is best so to speak. You should be able to relax and feel at home. Well that my opinion I know it is not what most would like to hear but we all have different ideas and that's the best thing about the world we are all different.
I been looking at my own decorating style as well and I am finding my love of dark wood furniture is darken my home way to much I need to lighten and brighten things up. not not by painting any thing white but adding brighter fabrics like cushions and drapes I don't get the sun I would like coming in to the main living area which at this time of the year can make for a very dull day even with the lights all on. I will have be careful on how I go about this as having 4 dogs and 2 cats wandering around it can make for a mess that really light fabrics would not handle. I want to bring my Embroidery in to the scheme of things as well but I don't want to over do any one thing. My love of decorated box's have all most taken over to were I have had to pull back a bit. Well this is just some of my rambling and It might help me to think out loud so to speak.

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Kristi said...

Dido, I know exactly what you mean. We don't get alot of natural light in our house the way the house is set (but we cant' see ANY other houses through our windows). I have tried to do the same with brightening things up and it has helped! Can't wait to see what you come up with! :)