Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm still knitting

I have not grown totally bored with it yet which is quite a surprise to me. but have side tracked a bit just a little. If I am going to knit then I have to have the right bag so I dug the sewing machine out and made myself a knitting bag and trying to finish of a needle holder as well. and now want to do more sewing as well.

knitting bag

needle case.
I made my Annie a hat couldn't find a patten I liked so made my own as I am happier doing any way not a great lover of other peoples patterns.
Annie hat

Annie's socks
finished her sock's
and started on and finished a pair for my oldest.
here a shot of when I was working on them but he wanted them on so fast yesterday as we had snow again (Yes this is the south and it was the first day of spring)I never got a shot of the finished socks.
Zach socks
What I have still on my needles is Dave's cardigan it slow as the body is done in one piece but I'm getting there.

grandpa cardie
I also have a hat for my self and a pair and a half of socks on the go I have had a go at toe up sock's which one I got started I found to be so much easier then I had to have a go at two at a time toe up. and I am pretty pleased with my self. I don't have photo's at the moment but will take some once I get chance.
Life has not all been knitting and sewing there has been a lot of ups and Downs around here as well. the worst of it is My Winnie the male saint I have He has had more fits and the last lot took his eye sight so it been really tough going. trying to help a 180 pound dog to get around with out hurting himself or anything else is not the easiest thing in the world to do. he bangs in to everything. but each day it seams he is getting use to life with out sight. he eats and drinks fine and loves to wonder around the back yard but mostly he still just lays by the dinning table and sleeps. it sad to see him like that and not knowing how he is really feeling I wonder sometimes if we are doing the right thing keeping him a life. but we all love him so very much we just can't see life with out our Win, not now anyway. So we take it one day at a time and give him all the love and hugs we can and make sure he gets everything he needs. So now I really have my handsful with him and Chrissie it's become a lot of loving but hard work. My other two kids are the best they help as much as they can and would do even more if I asked but this is not for them to handle it up to me.
Well on a happier note we had sunshine to day after yesterday's rude arrival of snow on the first day of spring and all. This is I believe south of the Mississippi so why so much snow this year I don't know. The first lot was fun the kids loved it but this time when I woke them to tell them it was a OH! not again.
I kind of don't mind as I know before long it will be so hot that we will be missing the winter we just had. the knitting will go away and out will come the sewing again. We are hoping for a nice Easter Sunday as we want to grill out doors. just about had all we can take of the winter meals. they were great but we long for grilled food and salad's well that's if we can afford it this year the prices are not to my liking at this time. I been taking a long hard look at my food shopping and the cost has gone on the wrong side of good. everything has gotten so pricey and what is it with smaller box's of things at the same price.
Well that's about it for my rambling on for this week. I have a lot to do and not a lot of time so until I can get my self back here again it's bye for now.

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