Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To much on the needles

Well got more yarn in today from knit picks. This time it was a whole load of DK merino to make big one a sweater. Now I should have put the yarn to the side and finished at less one thing I was already doing but not me. I had to get it started. And have the back rib done.
So now I have two shawls, two pairs of socks and two sweaters on the go. Oh! Hang on forgot something. The yucky green shawl. I love the yarn and the pattern but oh dear the yarn colour is gross. But never fear I will finish the shawl and over dye it a pretty black and gray.
I done just a small amount of sewing but some and it felt good to get back to it. Embroidery it some thing I dearly love but need alone time to do my best, and at the moment I don't get a lot of that. But the sun is shining a lot at the moment and that means I have the need to spend time out side its been low 70's and feels so good. We even grilled out side well I did. Odd how I have ended up doing the grilling after all the talk about the old guy doing all this great out door grilling.
Looks like our move is off again for now. I'm kind of glad it just didn't feel right. When its right we will move and will be happy about it, but until then we will be happy to stay put. Plus I can have a garden this year.
Well no photos this time but skill put up some soon of the finished items which two a shawlettes and a couple of other small items. Plus I get some of what I have on the needles. Right now I'm off the watch some video cast. One is the knit girllls, and the twisted stitches now that lady has me blushing lol.
So until next time keep smiling and if your still in cold areas keep you wooly vest on.

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