Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spindle spinning

Ok a short but sweet post. Just wanted to talk about the spindle, the drop spindle that is. Been kind of trying to not up set the wheelie people out there but just have to say something. Yes a spinning wheel is wounderful, I own one but a drop spindle in the hand is worth two spinning wheel in a closet. A spinning wheel is only faster then a spindle if you have time to sit in one spot to use it. I don't and just can't see wasting time I don't have anyway, sitting in one place when my spindle go every place I do. I can do a lot in a day or more because I can walk around doing it I take it places that no wheel could go. There are some, ok let's call them wheel snobs. They have never even tried the spindle. Don't knock it until you try it folks. It's a bit like some other things that bug me, like quilters that say they hand quilt but on a machine????? Or the hand embroidery with a electric sewing machine. Oh! Please let's get real here. Machines a good but please don't call it hand work. I have spent many years doing needle crafts/art by hand and when I see people selling something that is machine made and calling it hand made just ticks me off. Oh! I know this will upset some, but call it what it is machine made.
Ok I will now get of my soap box I have had my say. Anyone feels the need to get upset with me please email me, your find me at most places I hang out as didomum.
Keep smiling

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Elizabeth said...

Love it Dido!! I'll listen to you from your soapbox any time! But now I have to confess I've been using the wheel more than the spindle. I had a big disappointment with my first 'commercial' spindle and I've been a little blue about using one ever since. Thinking I may someday try a Kundert, we'll see.