Friday, February 18, 2011

photos of work at last.

Well I made it on the lappy tonight so I thought I had better get the photo's of the camera and uploaded for a change.
first of here is my first finished shawl. It was a long time in the making not because of the knitting because of finding some place to block it but in the end I got smart and used the bed base that been sitting on its end in the garage for the past year. Now you would have thought I would have come up with this idea a long time ago but no, I think I have had brain freeze. Any way it's done now and I'm pleased with the out come.
(Model is Annie)
my shawlette

Here is Annie's shawl I made for her, couldn't find a pattern I wanted to use, Oh there is a lot out there but hay I like to do things the hard way, and this is such an easy stitch anyone could have come up with it.
annies shawl01

I have other things finished but no photo's. I know bad Dido I will remember next time ok.
So on to the knitting on the needles, first the old mans cardy. yes I'm still working on it. long job longer story. but I have the body almost done.
dave sweater update

ok now there is another shawl for Annie on the kneedles, this one is from the new knitpicks Chroma yarn in fingering weight and the colorway is lollipop. real pretty colors for a girl like my Annie and soft but there is just something I don't like about the yarn not sure what it is so I'm not going to say much, but something that will stop me from getting more. I did get another one in Prism/ fingering and one lollipop in the heaver weight but not sure if I will use them. we will see I don't like waste so they will get used some time I'm sure.
annie shawl02

Ok now this next photo is of my new shawl by the lady Romi and it the bitter root shawl. the yarn is my own dyed yarn it was one of them "what ever" moments. I had just finished dyeing other stuff and some dyes left over so I got the ball of yarn and gave it the "what ever" treament and boy did it ever work, I love the colours. It looks all odd right now anyone that makes shawls knows that when they are on the needles they are not at their best it when they are blocked they come alive, we hope.

OK now this is not much to look at. It's the start to Zachs new sweater. I only just cast on so it's just the rib and I am about to set up the pattern "Honey comb and cables" sounds fun don't it?
zachs sweater
Ok lets see thats about it I think, just one photo of some spinning just for the heck of it.
spindle spinning

Oh and for the ones that wonder Yes the wheel is still used My girl will use it when she is in the mood or I use it to ply sometimes but sorry my butt just won't sit still that long to use it much but every single spindle is used a LOT. did you know it is a good way to keep fit.

OK I think I have run out of photo's and time. so that's about it from me. Boy have I been a good little blogger laterly. No don't get your hopes up I will drop of the wagon soon and forget to post. hay spring is on it's way that's the time I drive everyone in the house crazy with spring "to-do list" got to because by the time the summer gets here it's to darn hot to do anything.
Well pick up your craft of choice and get on with it and have fun, Life is to short to put it off until you have time, find time your be glad you did.
Keep smilling


Dee said...


All your hard work has paid off. You’re so talented and I envy you so much. I hope you keep up with the blogging and of course spinning that wheel.


Elizabeth said...

Fun to see your photos, Dido! Thanks for the complimentary spinning photo! I thing you're the one I need to talk to to fire me up to use my spindles again. Of course I like the lace/shawls the best though! =)