Saturday, January 29, 2011

New year new challenges

Well new year is upon us. Got a feeling it's going to be a good one, but remember it is what we make of it.
What will I be doing this year? A lot I hope. In knitting, it colour work and more lace work. Lots of spinning, might use the wheel more but my real love is the drop spindle. The take any place tool. I have a lot of needle work to be finished as well. The big thing for me this year is space my self out more. Not to just do one thing. After all that's the way to grow and learn.
My big thing at this moment is getting use to using this iPad. It's another time saver in my life so I can multi task. Just wish the pad did that better. But there is no going back to the laptop full time. The setting up and carrying a laptop got real old after a while. I have gone a little app. crazy but it's helpful and a lot of fun. I like getting ebooks and PDF's really help. I have started getting patterns on the pad and instead of printing them out I set the pad up and work straight from there, great for lace pattern charts. It also nice to grab a podcast to plugged in to my ears while working on some thing else. There are some great ones out there. But sad to say along with the good you get the bad. So I will give any of then a chance. Normally downloading them a couple of times if I like them then they get a great review and I keep them coming but sometimes you get one that stinks. They get the low review and I stop downloading them. But I have only come across a couple.
I had one last week like that so left a review saying I didn't like it which is what reviews are for you know. But this guy didn't like getting a low review and tracked me down to tell me how upset he was that I never thought he was funny. In my book tracking someone to another site is stroking. May be the fool thought he could intimidate me in to changing my review. Well no such luck it just proved my point.
Anyway life is good even if cold right now. One thing for sure that will not change this year is how often I post a blog, it will still only when I have something to say. Plus when time allows after all I'm a do'er not a talker. So with that said I will close of and let's see. Do some spinning I think, kids are doing their own thing and been feed so it's me time.
Keep smiling

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