Thursday, September 29, 2016

Son has a new video up.

Well Zach has been busy has a very nice video up of one of our rides

Yes we still go out as a family even if they are grown up. We just got a bigger car lol.
Here is his blog link as well ZAK Entertainment
Ok I'm going to brag here, my kids have grown up pretty good if I do say so my self. Homeschooling worked.
        Since my kids have started blogging and stuff it got me wondering were has all the people gone I used to follow and chat with. I think it's time I poked around and see just who is still around and still has a blog going. It's hard to believe so many years have past but life got a habit of going of in the fast lane with out you knowing it. Some of us hit bumps in the road so we take a detour for awhile while some stay on the road and just keep going. So let see who is still out there, give me a shout out if you see this and say hi.

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Z. A. Kuhn said...

Thanks for the shoutout mum! Going to give you a shoutout on my next blog :P