Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our trip to the state fair

Well we finally made it to the LA state fair this year. The first time for me and Chris. Zac, Annie and Dave have been before but never had the chance to take Chris so we have always stayed at home.
It was not as good as I hope but we had fun. We spent most of our time at the zoo area feeding the animals which was a lot of fun as much for me as for the kids.
Zac wasn't to sure about the giraffe sticking his tough out at him but he only wanted a carrot lol.

kinda liked that guy! we just keep feeding him. Annie and Chrissie wouldn't get anywhere near him.
Chris loved the goats but kept telling them to stay, lol
in case you wondering yes both my boy's have long hair.

He was not sure about most of the animals but we did get him to have a pony ride, which was so great I had to left him up on the pony and he started to get upset but once he sat down and the pony started to move he started to enjoy himself then I had trouble getting him off so the guy went around a couple of more times for him.
for you all that don't know of my Chris, he has Down syndrome and is severely mentally disabled. he is 10 but has the mind of an 18 month old so It's hard for him to see the world as we all do.
Well we spent to much money and walked way to much but over all it was a great day.


Master Zman said...

That was a awsome day!
Glad that your still doing your blog:)

Dido said...

Thanks Zac glad you enjoyed your self didn't Chris have fun on the pony

Master Zman said...

Chrissie had fun that day:)

Jennie's World said...

I, too, am in Louisiana...who know's...we could have bumped into each other at the state fair and we didn't even realize it :). We went on the dollar day LOL...with triplets, I have to watch my $$$. Hugs, Jen

Dido said...

Jen Small world, we went on the free to get in Wednesday for the same reason save the money still spent to much lol