Friday, December 28, 2007

New Year coming soon

Well Christmas is over and time for us to take down the tree for another year and start thinking about the new year that will be upon us in a couple of days. I hope it will be a good year for everyone. For me the new year always means a fresh start and renewed hope, I home school my kids so this year will mean a lot of new learning, We are also looking in to going Green (as in earth friendly) It's time every one did something no matter how small, we are starting with light bulbs It saves energy and money, recycling is another easy and cheap way to start. I have being thinking for a while how we can change things with out it costing us a lot of money but in it's small way will help. We are recycling our battery now so no more in the trash, no we won't be giving up our battery items but that don't mean we have fill the land fill with acid from the battery's.
Another way is to read the labels before buying. I look to see what it made off and were it comes from. We use a lot of paper so we go for recycled paper it cheap and not from cut trees, We reuse paper bags and plastic ones, plus for small shopping we carry our own shopping bag. It would be nice to use them all the time but we do main shopping every 2 weeks and that's a lot of shopping. even the food we eat could do with some changes but no I will not spend over the top for organic food. But I will look for things that have less of what we don't need in it.
Well that's my say for the day, I hope every one have a great and peaceful new year, look on the bright side and lets all hope for a happy & peaceful new year all over the world.


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