Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This is my hybrid, part decoupage part painting. I wanted a basket weave so I painted it I wanted branch's and leave but was not happy about spending the time cutting out such small things so I painted them as well this is a coaster box.
0141Didos crafts

My English country garden
0065Didos crafts

some boxs I had done some time ago.

This is my south western pot just for the catus plants my kids got for me. I had painted a rattle snake but he is hiding under the rock.

Well I have take a big step in getting back in to the love of crafts It's been a long time since I have pull out my stuff but for some reason I wanted to start working with my hands and mind again that and the fact I am not sleeping at night to well right now that is.
I starting off painting pots for my flowers and seed I had to have a south western scene for the catus garden. I also did one with a English cottage scene. I already had some box's I had painted before and for some reason I love box's of all shapes and sizes so I have done some more. some of the work I have here is still being worked on and some are finished Items. I want to have a go at as many different crafts as I can just to see what I can do and if I like them. there are so many different things to do it should keep me going for some time.

I love to paint and I have found Decoupage a fun thing to do so I have come up with what I like to think of as my Hybrid craft. I love to use a combination of the two and why not. I use decoupage and paint in the same item and it not turning out to bad.
Well I am going to spend the rest of the night cutting out birds and flower I have a lot i want to do at less it keeps me out of trouble.

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Master Zman said...

Whoa those are some nicely taken photos.