Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well only a couple of days to go and it will here and gone again before we know it.
I have bakes goodies and wrapped gifts all day. I am about as ready as anyone. I just want it to be nice for the kids and easy on me. No party's this year not big fuss. Just lots of family time and fun and as always way to much to eat. I wounder sometimes why we all get so worked up about Christmas why does it have to be just so. I will be glad when this year comes to and end and I hope next year is a much better year. Can't say this one has been much fun at all it's had it's up times but way to many bad moment.
This is the time i sit and think about the new year and wonder what it will be like. I never expect it to be great but I hope for the best.
I hope the weather will be nicer for us for one and we get to have a vacation this coming year as it been a couple of years since we had Chance to get away.
I have plans to re do my boys room and a lot of house painting. I would also like to do more art work and the Embroidery is still on the top of my list I have two days to finish my one I started for Christmas will it be done OH I done expect so but i will finish before the new year and put it away for next year. One it's done i will show it off. I am hope to try my hand at Sumi-e next year as well that should be fun.
Well Santa is not the only one with a list. Mine will not get done just sitting here so of I shell go to finish some baking.
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.And if i do not make it back to blog land before the new year HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL.

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