Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just about finished the Embroidery that is.

Well here it is took me a while and just want to play around with one or two things but I will call it finished for now.

finished project
I have now got to decide what to do with it I was going to turn it in to a pillow backed with leatherette and may still do that but my kids say frame it I can see that as well a large poster type frame with a large matt just may be a good idea IF and that is a big if I can find wall space for it. but for now I have just sat it on the sideboard to look at. To tell you the truth I am pretty pleased with myself after so many years of not touching an Embroidery needle not to bad a little rusty me not the needle that is. but not to bad. I have something I want to do for the holidays going to see if I can even pull it of to finish it for Christmas. I have the sketch done and think I have the colours picket out and even the fabric well a Linen Napkin.
here the sketch anyway.

So instead of sitting here talking about it I think I should get on with it.

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Kristi said...

It looks great Dido!! :)