Friday, October 16, 2009


Well after along lay off I have picked up the needle again. It must be more then 20 years. I am so rusty so are my needles. So before I could do any really work I had to put in a lot of practice and get some new needles. Not something I like doing. I like to get on with things.

My first thing was to find some Internet sites. I needed help. I can across many sites that had great hints and tips. but I found one site that for me had everything. This blog site is run by a very talented lady by the name Mary Corbet, at Needle'n . She has everything and more. I started of watching her video's read everything she had wrote, and then tried her List of Long & Short Stitch Lessons. Oh! it was not easy like I said it been a long time but after many hour and a lot of colorful words. I finished the whole 9 lessons.
I relearned many things I had forgotten, and learned things I never know.
This is what I ended up with No it not the best but I am pretty pleased with it.
needle work finished
From this I had the courage to move on and as it was my birthday, I got a lot of goodies to help me on my way. A couple of them was Embroidery books by Trish Burr. Great books, and great help.
From the first book. " Long and Short Stitch Embroidery, A collection of flowers" I did two small flowers, each time learning a little bit more.
Here the first of two.

then came my next one
needle work framed
Which I ended up framing as I was pretty pleased with it.
needle work and molly
Looks like someone likes it.
Now I have the book "Crewel & Surface Embroidery" by Trish Burr. Another great book.
I had to have a go at one from the book. I picked the poppy. But right a way ran in to trouble. I could not find the crewel wool she used had to pick out something else but I think I did OK.
Then I needed to copy the pattern on to fabric. Well par for the course with me that didn't go as easy as it should first I had to find some different Linen what I was going to use just was not going to cut it. got that sorted then the Pattern in the book was not the size I wanted so I had to free hand draw the whole thing on the fabric. Well after a while I did get it done and got all the threads together. Ready to start.
new Embroidery
OK well nearly ready to start I had to put it in the frame.
but once I did that I was off and running. Had one or two problems but not to bad, but I have been doing the easy parts first.

New project
This is were I am right now.
work todate
It's coming along.
want to see a close up.

real closeup of flower
Well thats about it right now. I should be doing it right now not blogging about it so until next time when Yes I will have more to show.


Zman said...

lol, Molly's intreated in your work

Dido said...

Oh! that cat gets in to everything.