Sunday, January 11, 2009

Trying to find a good browser

OH! That should be easy I hear many say. If only that was true.
I have now 3 browsers on this laptop.
The first of course is the one we all love to hate the IE. Which as many know is like an old man. Very unreliable and temperamental at times but you just can't give him up. I hate it when I see a new update come in for it, I know that means trouble before I hit install but like most I go a head and let it install and update. Bingo! it crashes on the first try after. So then I wait for the next fix just hoping that may help. Oh! why do I kid myself it just make it worse.
So as many has done I got FireFox . Which is (was) a good browser. I started with the 2.? but as some one that just can't leave a good thing alone went and got the new update to the 3.o Bad idea. it does not allow googlies tool bar anymore and some other plug-ins I like to use. so I had to un-install and have gone back to the old FireFox. Which is fine I like the way it works but I been wondering if it is as safe as it says so in the need for the best and safest browser out there ( I have young kids surfing) I went out there to see if there is anything else and yes there is. The one I have found is Called Opera . At first it looks (in words of my kids) Cool. I can change skins add widgets, It has some really nice features. and I played around with it for hours trying out all it had to offer. It moved my bookmarks over as well so not bad. But and to me this turned out to be a big but. I was unable to sign in to blogger???? no matter what I tried it would not let me in googlies just keep asking for me to sign in over and over. So until I can sort that out I'm back in (I hate to say this) IE.
I'm tempted to even try googlies new browser chrome, but it's new and as much as I know about PC I try to steer clear of new as much as possible until others have had a good chance to try it out. OK I'm a bit of a chicken sometimes, Like others to try it first. Like my cooking I let Hubby try it out first. But I bet by the end of today I will down load it. So I will be back to say what I think I hope I will get back any way.
well talking of cooking it's that time that I have to put down the mouse and pick up the saucepan.
so time to do spellcheck ( OK I can't spell to save my life but I can make a mean cottage pie).

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