Saturday, December 27, 2008

New year on it's way

Well Christmas is over and now we look forward to the new Year and all it will being with it. Let hope for a good one for everyone on this planet we call home. We all know it has it's ups and downs but it all we have so, We can just hope and pray for peace and a better way of life or get and do all we can to make it happen. We don't have to go fare in the world to do something good for others. talking about things that others are doing or not doing will not help, we all have to do our part. I for one will try to do my part as small as it may be. Raising my kids to understand other people and to understand that just because others may be different don't make them bad. Just stop and think be for you say things that may hurt others, goes a long way in this world. being kind and not hurtful. I hope people that use the Internet to put out their opinion think be for they type in the coming year. I have seen and read some really hurtful things on the Internet over the past year.
I for one am doing what I can to help clean up this planet. Green is not just a colour it's a way we can help to make this world last for everyone that will be here long after we have gone. I'm not one to spend a lot of money on the in-things. You don't have to spend to go green. last year I started simple things like recycling to the point that we no longer have a trash pick-up we don't need one anymore everything that can be recycled is. I'm saving a lot of money as well. So what comes around goes around. We changed light bulbs out last year and saved again. Even that gas prices have gone down don't mean we go back to the old ways as well.
Well that's my two cents worth for the New Year.
I hope every ones dreams come true and it's a good year for us all.

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