Monday, December 8, 2008

Almost Christmas

Well not many day's the kids have helped get the house ready. Dec's are up and gifts are hidden ( No Zack don't go looking for them). So it just a waiting game. The kids are busting at the seams they count the days every day some times more they check the calender and count how many days they have to wait. For me well it's is just for the kids, I like Christmas but it does not have the same excitement for me as it use to have. A sign of getting old maybe. Maybe it's all the work that goes in to it. But I love seeing the looks on my kids on Christmas morning that's what make it all worth while, The only gift I need.
Well here are some photo's enjoy.
Have a very Merry Christmas and if I don't get back here a Happy and safe New Year

Remember Drinking and driving don't mix.


Master Zman said...

how many more days?
and i have to find that sercrit hiding place

Dido said...

Your not find them young man so don't even try,lol
Dido your Mum

Shooter said...

Shooter says you got a beautiful web page and he loves you a hole lotta bunches.

Dido said...

OK shooter love you to,Thanks for getting to look at my blog at last. In case anyone is wondering it just my hubby.

Mary said...

Thanks for stopping by - we fellow Brits are all missing home at this time of year!! Know your beautiful kids must have fun with crackers - they are part of fun Christmas memories from my childhood in Devon.

I know what you mean about it not being as exciting as we age - wait until you're my age Dido, then it's really an effort, but you do it then for the GRANDchildren!!!

Blessings to you you and your family.

Carmi said...

I love the anticipation that goes along with the holiday. It adds so much richness to a family's life, and you've captured it wonderfully here.